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Time to think about seed beds and food plots!

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Is your green thumb itching? It's that time of year, to think about preparing the soil for the upcoming garden, seed bed, or food plot for the critters you plan to attract. The 4' Cultipacker is ideal for getting the soil ready! It is easily pulled behind an ATV or UTV, possibly a larger style riding mower would be capable as well. There are several models to choose from to suit your needs. Some are for a 3 point hitch. A few wider models are available as well. These are great to use after discing, to break up dirt clods and lumps. It makes for a nice, smooth seed bed. These models are lightweight and easy to move. They can be weighted with sand or water when in use, and at the end of the year they can be drained and stored hanging up if preferred, for your space saving needs. They usually ship out in 1 week or less. These will never rust - Roto-Molded from Cross-Linked Polyethylene, the most durable, heavy duty polymers on the market today.

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