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Let's go fishing!

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While fishing is fun all year round, my favorite time to go is in the spring to early summer. Sometimes it's great just to relax on a river bank with a rod and reel resting in the fork of a stick, waiting for that jerk from a catfish to wake you from a half asleep daze. Other times I enjoy the constant activity of top water fishing with crank baits and jigs. Sometimes a little deeper. Depending on what depth they are at and the depth and conditions of the pond or lake you are at. I love bass and crappie a lot! Walleye and muskie fishing is on my bucket list. We've all caught a ton of bluegill, whether we were trying to or not! No matter what you fish for, a variety in the tackle box is a must. Check out these lures handcrafted locally in the USA by Mike Redington. We have several to choose from. Any or all would make a great addition to your tackle box. Here are a few of my favorites...

Just talking about fishing has given me the itch to go. See you out there and have fun no matter whether they are biting or not!!!

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