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Enjoying the simple things in life

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Just a little blog about the things in life I enjoy. I would say spring is my favorite time of the year. Watching everything come to life again, from the grass turning green, to the trees budding out, seasonal birds returning to nest, dew worms coming back to the surface for easy fish bait pickins, and all of the baby animals coming along. I'm sure everyone enjoys country life who is blessed to be living there, though some take it for granted and not really take the time to appreciate all nature has to give. That fresh morning air, the sounds in the timber, and oh how I love the sound of a trickling creek! A walk in the woods can do wonders for you. The sunrises and sunsets are magnificent, the smell of fresh rain, a sky full of stars at night and even better when there is a bright full moon. I don't really live on a farm, more of a hobby. I really love critters. I've attached a few pictures of some of my "kids". Abigail is the cow, raised her from a bucket calf since she was 2 days old, she is a pet, NOT for eating. :) I am no vegan but I can't eat my kids. :) A few of my goats, 2 had kids so far, several more left to kid yet. The turkey is actually the neighbor's, but 4 of them come to my porch every morning for bread scraps. They are quite spoiled and also not going to be eaten, as my neighbors love their critters for pets as well. I love to watch the turkeys strut and try to impress the hens, that for now are not at all interested in them, so they are turning blue in the face for nothing. I do enjoy the fresh eggs from the chickens, but that's as far as I go with my "kids". I just really enjoy being around my critters and seeing the personalities they develop. It's funny how much more personality they have with the more people interaction that they get. All of them do. So in closing, these are just some of my favorite things, simple things. If you aren't blessed to live in the country, then at least try very hard this spring, to get out there to a state park or some place similar. Find a nice little fishing spot to nestle into for the day, or just a simple walk through the woods. Whatever you do, get out there, take a deep breath of that fresh air and really take in what nature has to offer. It really is breathtaking. 

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