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Affordable camo dresses

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If you are watching your budget (as most everyone I know is), we have a nice selection of dresses, many under or just over $100. With prom and spring and summer weddings coming up, our camo dresses are just perfect for your special event. Most ship out within a few days. We have a nice variety to choose from. Check them out

Here are some of our most popular sellers:


The robins are back here in the midwest! SOOO glad to see them return. The geese are in large flocks flying overhead, small worms have made it to the surface (of which the chickens are ecstatic over!) The ice has melted from all of the lakes, and if you stare at the ground long enough, [...]

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Looking for a unique wedding dress?

Every bride wants to be beautiful on her special day, and wear something out of the ordinary that catches everyone's eye. Something memorable, something you won't find in the dress boutiques. We have the unique styles you are looking for! These are not hanging on a rack somewhere gathering dust, they are made to order, [...]

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Clearance Sale!

Just an update, while we have sold out of several of the clearance / discontinued items, we still have a good selection left of them. In case you missed the opportunity to take advantage of the great deals, be sure to check them out now before they are gone!We all love a good bargain! Especially [...]

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Camo rings

If you are searching for that unique ring to give to your someone special this Christmas, or New Years or even Valentine's day (it's not as far away as you think!) , we may have just the style you are searching for! We have a variety of styles and types of rings - engagement, promise, [...]

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Wilderness Dreams Sleepwear makes great gifts!

Hello all! I know we haven't even enjoyed Thanksgiving yet, but in case you haven't realized it, Christmas is just around the corner. Surely you've noticed the Christmas merchandise displayed in the stores since July! Well maybe not July, but they sure do seem to get it out there earlier each year. If you haven't [...]

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Comforter / Bedding sets

Fall is here! Cool nights are the perfect time for snuggly, cozy beds to retreat to after a long day. Kinda like a hug from your bed, welcoming you back in for a great night's rest. Life is hectic, a good night's sleep in a cozy bed is key to keeping your mind and body [...]

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Rustic Wildlife Decor

Happy fall! Well, it's almost here anyway. Cooler weather is on the way (for most of us), and we'll be spending more time indoors than out as it cools. With holidays on their way and guests coming by, now is a great time to make some changes or some sprucing up a bit inside. We [...]

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Mix and Match Fire Pit Panels

There is nothing more inviting than the warm glow of a fire. With Summer time here and Fall around the corner, it's the ideal time to think about the safety of a fire pit. Whether enjoying a quiet relaxing evening alone with a crackling fire, or a circle of friends telling tall tales, a fire [...]

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Start school with a new backpack!

It will soon be time to send the kids back to school or off to college. Backpacks are always a hit with kids and adults that have to walk to school, or have several books to carry, or ride their bikes. These backpacks have a conceal and carry zipper pocket, but for kids they can [...]

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